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Clorox Pool&Spa pH Up, 4-Pound 19004CLX Price: $7.88 (as of 17/10/2019 17:30 PST- Details)

Raises pH to protect equipment and surfaces
Prevents eye irritation
Optimizes sanitizer efficiency


Clorox Pool&Spa pH Up raises low pH in your pool that may cause red, irritated eyes and expensive corrosion damage to your pool equipment. Use as needed to succeed in a suitable range of 7.2 to 7.6 to keep your water swim-in a position and clear. To be used in traditional chlorine and salt chlorine pools. Test and balance your pool weekly to care for clear water, longer lasting equipment, and comfortable swimming. Maintaining proper pH of 7.2 to 7.6 is both Necessary and easy. Necessary, because if pH is too high, chlorine cannot effectively sanitize and disinfect your water, and water will irritate your skin and eyes whilst you swim. If pH is too low, corrosion can occur, and the pool water will irritate your skin. Easy, because all you wish to have is the “Clorox Pool” app, the right kind balancing product, and an ordinary maintenance routine to maximize the pool fun!

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