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All in One Mushroom Grow Bag

All in One Mushroom Grow Bag

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Fully sterilized and ready to use
self healing injection port
no need to transfer to a secondary substrate

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In your convenience Out-Grow LLC has made an multi functional manure based mushroom grow bag solution to simplify the gourmet mushroom cultivation process. This multi functional grow bag has different layers of substrates so there’s no want to transfer substrates to different bags or trays thus reducing the chance of contamination. The multi functional grow bag is horse manure based for all dung loving gourmet mushroom species. Fully hydrated and sterilized with a five micron filter patch and self healing injection port. Simply inoculate the rye berry layer of the substrate with 2-5 cc of your favorite gourmet mushroom spore solution. You will have to provide your own gourmet mushroom culture as none is provided. This sale is for a bag of sterilized substrate only. After inoculation allow your multi functional bag to colonize in room temps for 4-6 weeks until your first flush of mushrooms. Mixing the bag once after 50% colonization is optional and can increase colonization times. These bags hold three pounds (about four quarts of substrate) which is a lot more substrate than the competition offers. Out-Grow’s products are for the cultivation of gourmet mushrooms.
Fully sterilized and able to make use of
self healing injection port
no want to transfer to a secondary substrate
Five micron filter patch on bag for gas exchange
May also be fruited straight away in the bag

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