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14-14-14 Professional Fertilizer, 5 pounds by Prorganics

14-14-14 Professional Fertilizer, 5 pounds by Prorganics

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MADE IN USA Quality in reality matters. 5 pounds of Prorganics 14-14-14 PROFESSIONAL Fertilizer with Osmocote, slow release (up to 4 months) for all kind of plants and vegetables. Enough fertilizer for 100’s of plants! (20 pellets per plant will be fine). COMPARE AND SAVE! search over amazon and you are going to not find a better deal. just 1 pound of this product cost around $12.00 but you are going to get 5 full pounds for just $14.26 Pro or home? In case you are a professional or home gardener you are going to love that product. The results are A+ and like I mentioned before, quality in reality matters. Why use Prorganics 14-14-14 slow release fertilizer? Simple; this is the best professional (not starter, PROFESSIONAL) product you are going to find in the marketplace. It is true that not all fertilizers are created equal. Actually the cheaper bag of fertilizer that you purchase form a Big Box store will have far fewer active ingredient and if truth be told not be last so long as similar Prorganics Products. The best place to begin with determining how effective a fertilizer will be is with the NPK number on the front of the bag. These values tell you the percent of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium contained within the fertilizer. So, for example if the numbers are 10-5-5 than there is 10% Nitrogen, 5% Phosphorus, and 5% potassium. Therefore in a 50 pound bag of Prorganics Products fert with those numbers you would have 5 pounds N, 2.5 pounds of P and K. Granular fertilizers (like Prorganics) are specially designed to release the effects of the product over the course of a much longer time. This has two really helpful effects for your plants: * Prevents burning the plants * Provides longer term benefits Shipping to USA/PR only. Pay today before 12:00pm and we will be able to ship you’re order today!
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