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Sprinklers can be divided into several types:


These are intended for irrigation of lawns and planting areas with irrigation radius from 0.5 m to 25 m. The process is carried out by a progressively rotating jet. Landscape designers are very fond of rotor sprinklers because they can be used to easily configure irrigation of complex terrains.

The biggest advantage of a these is that its body is hidden in the ground when it is not operating, which means it is almost invisible. When watering is turned on, due to water pressure, the body rises from the ground by 1-30 cm, and at the end it hides back into the ground. With its fade-in and fade-out function and the versatility of irrigation, this option have gained great popularity in both the private areas and public spaces like parks.


This is a variation of rotor sprinklers for garden, with a circular and / or adjustable sprinkler, usually mounted on an extension (plastic or metal) to attach it to the ground and used on slopes or large areas in land-based irrigation systems. The way this type of sprinklers function is the fact that water in the form of a jet is ejected at an angle to the horizon from the nozzle, falling on the splitter, at the same time, the upper part of the sprinkler rotates, thereby creating arcs of small jets in the form of small portions of water.

It is possible to adjust the irrigation sector from 40 to 360 degrees , as well as the angle of inclination of the jet, therefore changing the irrigation radius.


These may also extend from the ground, like rotor sprinklers, but with the only difference that the spray head remains stationary and is used to irrigate a small area (from 1.5 m to 5 m) of lawn, bushes and trees.

The nozzle of a static sprinkler can be constant (water spraying only over a certain distance, only the irrigation angle changes) or variable. The jet of a stationary sprinkler is like a water umbrella. If you are looking for cheap garden sprinklers, this is a great option.


The principle of operation of the swinging sprinkler is based on the fact that water is supplied into the tubes of the device and comes out under pressure from the nozzles, due to the water pressure, the tubes deviate to the left and right from their axis along a given trajectory, which creates gentle watering of the lawn, shrubs, flower beds. If you are going to buy garden sprinklers for watering gentle flower beds, this is the best option.

With simple adjustments, the sprinkler can adjust the sprinkler range, droplet size and spray width. The sprinkler mechanism allows irrigation of areas up to 90 square meters.