Hosta "Faith" review

You gotta have "faith" in your garden, so here is the perfect opportunity to do so. This Don Dean hybrid combines the color of Hosta 'Evening Magic' with the form and leaf of Hosta 'Big Daddy'. The corrugation in the thick rounded gold leaves of Hosta 'Faith' is simply amazing. The leaves compose a compact 16" tall x 40" wide clump, topped in early summer with 20" spikes of lavender flowers. Don Dean of Minnesota brings us a great new gold... the nearly round, dinner-plate size leaves are so heavily puckered that they develop a brassy golden-yellow on the raised portions and maintain a chartreuse tone in the shaded creases and craters. Hosta 'Faith' forms a 16" tall by 40" mound of cupped and domed leaves which, simply put, glows! The clump is adorned with near white, bell shaped flowers just above the leaves in early summer.

Hosta "Faith" information:

Size Category
Hosta height x width 38x90 cm (15x35 in.) inches
Leaf length x width 25x23 cm (10x9 in.) inches
Vein pairs 13-14
Leaf color
Leaf type very corrugated
Petiole very corrugated
Scape height
Flower near white
Flower length
Flowering period June - July
Sports 'Country Confessions' sport/gy